Does that sound overly dramatic? Sadly, it’s really not. The Canada we know and love died tonight when Justin Trudeau won a majority government, the worst possible outcome for this election. I know I said way down at the end of this blog that the worst scenario would be a Trudeau and Mulcair coalition, but I changed my mind after seeing how everything was going in the last week or so. At least with a coalition he would be on a leash, but a majority government gives him free reign, which is absolutely the worst thing to ever happen to Canada. Insanity has prevailed, the left-wing media and companies managed to brainwash a large mass of Canadians who were then rendered brain-dead and allowed this parasite, this privileged man-child imbecile who’s only job experience was a substitute drama teacher, to become the Prime Minister of our country. Thanks to their constant demonizing of Harper and everything that he says and does, we’re stuck with a piece of shit who will humiliate us internationally over and over for the next 4 years. Who will suck every cent out of all hard working Canadians and give that money to lazy asses on welfare, to migrants, and to the minorities who will bring their aging parents here to live off our “free” health care. How do the Justin voters propose Canada’s going to pay for all this, plus the billions of dollars in promises he made, along with higher taxes with an addition of carbon tax? Where will that money come from? Oh yeah, you’ll just leach off of us.

Harper has done so many amazing things for this country, things the media refused to report on since it reflects on Harper positively. Through this whole campaign he’s been pummeled mercilessly by journalists while Justin was handled with kid gloves. Harper absolutely did not deserve this horrible treatment, especially considering the status symbol he has given Canada, the most admired country in the world. This is how the ingrates repay him, with mindless hatred and choosing the worst possible person as PM, carelessly ignoring everything to do with Canada’s security, economy, and prosperity. Mr. Harper was the best Prime Minister Canada has ever had, and anyone with more than half a brain can clearly see this as the fact it is. I’m sick of hearing media heads saying that Trudeau is liked by Canadians and Harper isn’t. They don’t speak for all of us. Many, in fact, understand Harper’s introverted nature while simultaneously seeing past Trudeau’s “charismatic” facade. Canada made a change all right, from an extremely intelligent economist who brought prosperity to our country and kept taxes low so people could keep more of their own money, to an idiot who has absolutely no clue what’s he doing, and will almost immediately run Canada into the ground. As Canada and the West as a whole dumbs down, life gets a lot harder for more sentient people who’s intelligence, awareness, and strong mind don’t allow them the luxury of ignorance and blissful stupidity.

I seriously had faith in Canadians and didn’t believe the polls. I reasoned there was no way that so many Canadians could possibly be that stupid. Unfortunately I overestimated the intelligence of the Canadian populace. I’m ashamed of the people in this country, I’m now ashamed to be associated with anything Canadian, and I resign as a proud Canadian. Canada will look like a joke on the world stage with this immature, unprofessional idiot pothead representing us. The insane are officially running the asylum. It’ll be even worse for those of us that weren’t affected by this brain eating disease, which I will aptly name “Trudeau-mania syndrome.” I will NEVER refer to this idiot as Prime Minister. He will be called by his first or last name, but Prime Minister will never be in front of either. As far as I’m concerned, if he’s not a real leader, he’s not a real Prime Minister and never will be.

The reason Trudeau was able to attain a majority was through a method used by the left-wing loons called strategic voting. Although not illegal, it’s extremely undemocratic since a group of people essentially tell others who to vote for, regardless if the party reflects their values or not. Their one and only goal was to defeat Harper, they didn’t care about anything else except maybe pot legalization. These are the people who handed over our country to a puppet with no mind of his own, who admires China’s dictatorship, for the sole reason of achieving their irrational goal of ousting Harper. According to the popular vote, Harper wasn’t far behind Trudeau, so it’s obvious this strategic voting unfortunately worked. I guess it shouldn’t be surprising in today’s world where bullying and arrogance is how these horrible people succeed. Good only wins over evil in movies, not so much in real life. I just hope the bastards who arranged this strategic voting scheme get what’s coming to them. They are the ones responsible for the murder of Canada’s culture and values, along with our honest democratic procedures. If there’s any justice in this world, they will be punished.

Though the election is over, I will leave this blog up as an “I told you so” when Canada inevitably falls into ruin. The worst part is that Canadians were fucked up enough to give Trudeau Jr. a majority, which means we can’t just get rid of him as the destruction he does to Canada becomes more and more evident by the day. Thanks so much you pathetic weak-minded twits who refused to heed the warnings of informed Canadians basing their information on real facts instead of media bias. Thanks so much for reducing the best country in the world to a pile of dog shit. I hope the next time you read this blog, you’ll be kicking yourself for being so fucking stupid. I would call it karma, but unfortunately this affects all Canadians, we’re all going to pay for your idiocy! I can only hope that you’re the ones who will get the brunt of this disaster you brought down on us, that would only be good and fair. This election’s results has proven that Canadians are fools who reward privilege instead of hard work… either that or they were confused and thought they were actually voting for a beauty king contestant instead of a Prime Minister. I wouldn’t put it past these dim-witted, empty-headed morons.

Even if the Canadian people realize their incredibly idiotic mistake and decide to vote intelligently in the next election, the mere fact that they would choose this undeserving pretty boy over a hard working, politically savvy and experienced leader is so humiliating, I can’t see myself ever taking pride in Canada again. Dark times are ahead, we can only hope Canada can hold on and survive to the next election. Hopefully most Canadians by then will have learned their lesson to not play with fire when it comes to the leader of your country, but sadly the damage is already done. Canada is gone forever.

R.I.P. Canada. You will be missed.