The Death Of Canada

Does that sound overly dramatic? Sadly, it’s really not. The Canada we know and love died tonight when Justin Trudeau won a majority government, the worst possible outcome for this election. I know I said way down at the end of this blog that the worst scenario would be a Trudeau and Mulcair coalition, but I changed my mind after seeing how everything was going in the last week or so. At least with a coalition he would be on a leash, but a majority government gives him free reign, which is absolutely the worst thing to ever happen to Canada. Insanity has prevailed, the left-wing media and companies managed to brainwash a large mass of Canadians who were then rendered brain-dead and allowed this parasite, this privileged man-child imbecile who’s only job experience was a substitute drama teacher, to become the Prime Minister of our country. Thanks to their constant demonizing of Harper and everything that he says and does, we’re stuck with a piece of shit who will humiliate us internationally over and over for the next 4 years. Who will suck every cent out of all hard working Canadians and give that money to lazy asses on welfare, to migrants, and to the minorities who will bring their aging parents here to live off our “free” health care. How do the Justin voters propose Canada’s going to pay for all this, plus the billions of dollars in promises he made, along with higher taxes with an addition of carbon tax? Where will that money come from? Oh yeah, you’ll just leach off of us.

Harper has done so many amazing things for this country, things the media refused to report on since it reflects on Harper positively. Through this whole campaign he’s been pummeled mercilessly by journalists while Justin was handled with kid gloves. Harper absolutely did not deserve this horrible treatment, especially considering the status symbol he has given Canada, the most admired country in the world. This is how the ingrates repay him, with mindless hatred and choosing the worst possible person as PM, carelessly ignoring everything to do with Canada’s security, economy, and prosperity. Mr. Harper was the best Prime Minister Canada has ever had, and anyone with more than half a brain can clearly see this as the fact it is. I’m sick of hearing media heads saying that Trudeau is liked by Canadians and Harper isn’t. They don’t speak for all of us. Many, in fact, understand Harper’s introverted nature while simultaneously seeing past Trudeau’s “charismatic” facade. Canada made a change all right, from an extremely intelligent economist who brought prosperity to our country and kept taxes low so people could keep more of their own money, to an idiot who has absolutely no clue what’s he doing, and will almost immediately run Canada into the ground. As Canada and the West as a whole dumbs down, life gets a lot harder for more sentient people who’s intelligence, awareness, and strong mind don’t allow them the luxury of ignorance and blissful stupidity.

I seriously had faith in Canadians and didn’t believe the polls. I reasoned there was no way that so many Canadians could possibly be that stupid. Unfortunately I overestimated the intelligence of the Canadian populace. I’m ashamed of the people in this country, I’m now ashamed to be associated with anything Canadian, and I resign as a proud Canadian. Canada will look like a joke on the world stage with this immature, unprofessional idiot pothead representing us. The insane are officially running the asylum. It’ll be even worse for those of us that weren’t affected by this brain eating disease, which I will aptly name “Trudeau-mania syndrome.” I will NEVER refer to this idiot as Prime Minister. He will be called by his first or last name, but Prime Minister will never be in front of either. As far as I’m concerned, if he’s not a real leader, he’s not a real Prime Minister and never will be.

The reason Trudeau was able to attain a majority was through a method used by the left-wing loons called strategic voting. Although not illegal, it’s extremely undemocratic since a group of people essentially tell others who to vote for, regardless if the party reflects their values or not. Their one and only goal was to defeat Harper, they didn’t care about anything else except maybe pot legalization. These are the people who handed over our country to a puppet with no mind of his own, who admires China’s dictatorship, for the sole reason of achieving their irrational goal of ousting Harper. According to the popular vote, Harper wasn’t far behind Trudeau, so it’s obvious this strategic voting unfortunately worked. I guess it shouldn’t be surprising in today’s world where bullying and arrogance is how these horrible people succeed. Good only wins over evil in movies, not so much in real life. I just hope the bastards who arranged this strategic voting scheme get what’s coming to them. They are the ones responsible for the murder of Canada’s culture and values, along with our honest democratic procedures. If there’s any justice in this world, they will be punished.

Though the election is over, I will leave this blog up as an “I told you so” when Canada inevitably falls into ruin. The worst part is that Canadians were fucked up enough to give Trudeau Jr. a majority, which means we can’t just get rid of him as the destruction he does to Canada becomes more and more evident by the day. Thanks so much you pathetic weak-minded twits who refused to heed the warnings of informed Canadians basing their information on real facts instead of media bias. Thanks so much for reducing the best country in the world to a pile of dog shit. I hope the next time you read this blog, you’ll be kicking yourself for being so fucking stupid. I would call it karma, but unfortunately this affects all Canadians, we’re all going to pay for your idiocy! I can only hope that you’re the ones who will get the brunt of this disaster you brought down on us, that would only be good and fair. This election’s results has proven that Canadians are fools who reward privilege instead of hard work… either that or they were confused and thought they were actually voting for a beauty king contestant instead of a Prime Minister. I wouldn’t put it past these dim-witted, empty-headed morons.

Even if the Canadian people realize their incredibly idiotic mistake and decide to vote intelligently in the next election, the mere fact that they would choose this undeserving pretty boy over a hard working, politically savvy and experienced leader is so humiliating, I can’t see myself ever taking pride in Canada again. Dark times are ahead, we can only hope Canada can hold on and survive to the next election. Hopefully most Canadians by then will have learned their lesson to not play with fire when it comes to the leader of your country, but sadly the damage is already done. Canada is gone forever.

R.I.P. Canada. You will be missed.


Quick Note

A little about me. I’m a young woman, born and raised in Canada. I don’t identify with either the right or left of the political spectrum, my vote goes to the candidate who doesn’t stray too far to either side. I prefer doing my own research and validating each individual on their stance on both financial and social matters before casting my ballot. With growing concern for my country, along with frustration towards the extremely biased media’s manipulation to endorse their political preference, I was inspired to create this blog specifically for providing information and expressing my own opinions about the upcoming election. I will also detail a number of issues facing Canadians. There will be highlighted links to sites with more details on certain topics. So with no further ado, let’s begin….

Why Canada Needs To Re-elect Stephen Harper

This is pretty self-explanatory when you consider the leaders of the two main opposition parties, but unfortunately many Canadians remain unaware or uninformed. They’re either misled by the mainstream media, or simply make no effort to challenge the rhetoric fed to them . “We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.” – Benjamin Franklin.

It’s of the utmost importance for Canadians to pay close attention to the meaning behind political ideologies in order to gain an understanding of what differentiates a reliable and capable politician from an erratic and unqualified one, especially when choosing the next Prime Minister. Both Justin Trudeau and Thomas Mulcair have, through their own words, revealed themselves to be nothing but overtly incompetent from their poor strategies on how to run the economy, spending and taxing propositions, and compromising the safety and well being of Canadians. Then there’s Stephen Harper. His strong leadership skills, efficiently running the economy, balancing the budget with a low tax plan, and determination to keep Canadians safe has made him one of the best Prime Ministers of Canada despite what critics may say. Trudeau and Mulcair are both inexperienced radical socialists who want to spend, spend, and spend some more by taxing every cent out of hard working Canadians and driving Canada into serious debt, and a recession that would make Greece cringe in sympathy. With higher taxes and the addition of carbon taxes, careless spending such as increasing funding on hobbies and media outlets, how could we even afford Trudeau or Mulcair as Prime Minister? Let’s hope we never find out.

The Refugee Crisis

One concerning issue that every Canadian citizen, “old-stock” or new, should take into account is the Liberal and NDP’s ideas of dealing with the Syrian refugee crisis. Let me start by going back a way to when the Conservatives made changes to health care concerning refugees. I doubt many Canadians even knew before then that refugees received benefits the majority of Canadians don’t, such as eye and dental care, and all their drug prescriptions paid for by our tax dollars. The cuts to the refugee’s coverage set off the bleeding hearts, the ones who don’t give a rat’s behind about their fellow CANADIANS. Charity should begin at home, but many hardcore socialists don’t think so. According to the logic of those with full hearts but empty heads, because Canada is a rich first world country, we are obligated to spread whatever wealth we have to people in poorer countries without question. Without the consent of Canadians who work their butts off to support their own families, only to have a large portion of their paycheck taken to provide for these new arrivals who get everything handed to them the moment they step on Canadian soil. You can read a article which explains the cuts the Conservative government made to refugee health care here.

I think most of us can agree that the refugees are already well taken care of with the same basic health care that is offered to all Canadian citizens. Why should these people coming here from another country receive better care than our own, especially our own citizens living in poverty? Of course, when the Conservatives made the changes, the refugee claimants were outraged. After all, the free health care is why a lot of them came to Canada in the first place. So they, along with a few Canadians with pulled heart strings, decided to sue the government. As said in the article, the government was forced to return the gold plated benefits, but fortunately the Conservatives managed to create a new coverage plan that didn’t reinstate all benefits, with an exception for the most needy. Why are we expected to be so accommodating at the expense of our own citizens? It’s time to get our priorities straight. Having empathy and compassion for the less fortunate is all well and good, but we should be focusing on the less fortunate in our own country first. Harsh as it sounds, people from other countries are not the responsibility of Canadians, especially since many of them are migrants rather than refugees. Migrants are not even in danger in their homelands, but take advantage of the ISIS invasion and apply for refugee status to receive Canada’s “free” goodies. Why would they stay in their own countries when they can come to the West and take advantage of our involuntary generosity? If they can’t get into a country legally, they sneak/force their way in, invading the whole Western world!

Why is it that the Liberals and NDP jump at the chance to help non-Canadians, while dismissing the families of hard working Canadians who struggle to make ends meet without any free benefits? The two main opposition parties have never had any qualms when it comes to being generous with other people’s money. Where will the money come from when all Canadians end up living in poverty because of this reckless spending, and the extreme financial burden of the thousands of refugees the Liberals and/or NDP are planning to stream into Canada?

The Risk to Canadians

Trudeau and Mulcair want to speed up the process of migrants entering our country by bypassing proper security measures. Neither are the least bit concerned about allowing in waves of refugees from a terrorist-ridden country. In fact, they want to change the current security protocol that Harper has in place so that the migrants can come into Canada thousands at a time! Harper, however, is handling things in a far more reasonable manner, recognizing the fact that security is essential when dealing with people coming into Canada from an ISIS infested country. His interest is to keep Canadians safe first, which is what’s to be expected of the leader of our country. Not only has he slowed down the steady stream of migrants for proper and through screening, but he has made the targeted minority first priority. Christians in Syria are being hunted by the jihadists, so it only makes sense that the people who are the most likely to be massacred should be the focus when admitting refugees. These are the real refugees, the ones that are actually fleeing for their lives. However, Trudeau plans to cancel this necessity.

Just who’s side is golden boy Justin on anyway? You have to wonder when he’s against revoking Canadian citizenship of convicted terrorists. Another one of his brilliant ideas is to airlift asylum seekers from Syria. That’s right, he thinks we should just ignore all security risks, pluck up these people, and airlift them to Canada, courtesy of Canadian taxpayers of course. Then there’s this. So Trudeau wants to let all Mexicans unsatisfied with their lives into Canada too! Hooray for Justin, allowing pretty much anyone and everyone into our lovely country! I just wonder how long it’ll stay lovely if he has his way.

Canada was under scrutiny for a short time due to a tragic event involving the deaths of two young Syrian children and their mother. The father had arranged for the family’s passage to Europe on a small rubber boat. Life jackets weren’t provided to the children, who obviously couldn’t swim. The boat capsized, and tragically the boys and their mother drowned. Of course this story would elicit feelings of deep sadness for the loss of innocent lives, and sympathy for the family affected, but the opposition leaders took it as an opportunity. They criticized the Conservative government for their handling of refugee processing due to claims that the father had applied for refugee status, but his application had been rejected months before. This information turned out to be false, and though the accusations were silenced afterwards, of course there was no apology offered to the Conservatives. The opposition leaders did, however, continue their exploitation of the tragic deaths, focusing on the youngest, 3 year old Alan Kurdi. Pictures of Alan’s lifeless little body circulated around the world, attempting to stir up blind rage using the death of this poor child through the guise of empathy. The little boy’s father similarly blamed Canada, though only he could be held responsible for the deaths of his family. His anti-Canada rant came AFTER it had been shown that his application rejection story was a lie. I know we’re expected to be lenient of this grieving father and husband, but this doesn’t excuse the fact that he would express such disdain for Canada all in order to place the blame elsewhere. He should be feeling guilty, he’s the one who made his family travel in an extremely unsafe boat without life jackets to Europe so he could get his teeth fixed! This is the typical arrogant mentality of these men, to blame everyone except themselves. These are the kind of people the Liberals and NDP want to bring here in droves.

Trudeau and Mulcair have both attacked Harper for his stance, consistently accusing him of fear mongering, even when modern moderate Muslims agree with him. I don’t know why the extreme left aren’t able to comprehend the difference between a normal Muslim person who embraces our culture, and a terrorist who wants to destroy it… and us. They brush off any possibility that the wave of migrants from terrorist infested countries settling here could very well have mixed within them those with ill intentions, and that Canadians DO have reason to fear mass migration, for ourselves, and for our country. You just have to take a look at Europe to realize just how serious this problem is. On top of that, there seems to be an overabundance of young Muslim men in these crowds. People will say they have a right to come here too, but we can’t afford to drop our guard considering the open threat from ISIS using the “refugee crisis” to infiltrate the West. Young Muslim men are the typical ISIS fighters and recruiters, and being wary of this is not unreasonable. Let’s not forget the view that the most primitive of these men have on women. Let’s not forget how prone they are to the rape of uncovered and/or unaccompanied women, believing they’re entitled to do so. Harper doesn’t have to monger fear, informed Canadians can see what’s happening for themselves. The sick backwards beliefs of these sick backwards men just don’t disappear because they moved to a country that actually values women’s right to be viewed and treated as equal human beings. Staying in denial about these very real issues is incredibly dangerous, and potentially deadly.

Middle Eastern Culture in a Western Society

One of the millions of things in which Western culture clashes with Islamic beliefs on is the niqab, the most visible symbol of oppression of Muslim women by Muslim men. Because many Muslim men are perverse, Muslim women have to cover themselves from head to toe, including their faces. It’s disheartening to see a veiled Muslim woman in Canada or the U.S. Not only is seeing women walking down the street under burqas and niqabs bizarre and outright awkward in civilized societies, it’s offensive to the beliefs and ethics of civilized societies, (which are instructed to be tolerant of all foreign cultures and practices under any circumstance, even if it means sacrificing our own safety and values). These people came to OUR country and need to adapt to OUR culture. It’s only natural to be wary when people see someone with their whole face and head covered walk into a bank or other secure location. It shouldn’t even be permitted for someone to completely conceal their identity in public places… except on Halloween. Wearing a scarf over their heads is one thing, but to have their whole face covered with a black veil? These women appear to be in a constant state of mourning, and considering the way they live and the behavior of their men, they likely are.

Harper had tried to ban the wearing of the niqab at citizenship ceremonies, but the Supreme Court intervened, claiming that not allowing these women to keep their faces covered is a religious freedom violation. Since Muslims tend to justify everything by hiding behind Islam, the fanatic left wingers are only too happy to appease them. If you say anything that is the least bit critical about Islam, you’re “Islamophobic.” You know, because being afraid of Islamic Jihadists who want to kill us infidels is apparently an irrational fear. It’s obviously not Islam as a whole that’s the problem, it’s the terrorists who use the religion to justify their horrifying acts. This is something that just goes over the typical militant lefty’s head, but I guess it’s better to be accused of Islamophobia by Westerners, walking on eggshells in order not to cause riots if someone dares to insult Islam’s precious pedophile prophet, than to be shot or bombed in senseless jihad terrorist attacks. Oh, but according to Justin, instead of expressing outrage towards these evil acts, we need to focus on the root causes. Obviously these men felt excluded by Western society, or they would never have done these terrible things, right? He actually believes that if we’re just nice to these psychotic bloodthirsty barbarians, they’ll be nice back and leave Canada alone. Maybe in his world of sunshine and rainbows, but unfortunately living in a fantasy won’t protect Canadians from these soulless creatures, and his solution of showering them with winter parkas and hugs is just not going to do us any good. Harper has no such delusions. He knows these terrorist groups are a real and serious threat to Canada, and he’s willing to do whatever is necessary to protect Canadians and keep us safe. What would you rather have guarding your home… a lion or a mouse?

During the French debate, the niqab issue was brought up. Justin was the first to speak, babbling about how Harper and Duceppe were spreading fear and diversity for their objection to these ugly face coverings. He then attempted to charm women by adding “if a man cannot impose his will on how a woman dresses, we shouldn’t have a say on how a woman should not get dressed” and Mulcair agreed with him, (but they would never state this fact to Muslim men who enforce the constricting dress code for their women). So basically because men shouldn’t be telling women how to dress, people shouldn’t be protesting against the wearing of an item that essentially marks women as slaves and property to their men? Many on the left keep hiding the implications of the Niqab by calling it religious fundamentalism, as if that excuses it of being used as a means to oppress women. We need to preserve Canadian culture and values, and anything that marks women as less than human DOES NOT REFLECT THE CULTURE OF CANADA AND THE VALUES OF CANADIANS! Clear enough for you, Mr Trudeau? He somehow believes he’s defending the rights of women… I would love to ask him if he was defending the rights of women when he claimed that honour killings should be treated like any other crime, to ignore the motivation behind them. Remember this case where the parents murdered their three young daughters because they wouldn’t conform to Muslim traditions? The girls preferred the free and modern life of teenagers in Canadian society, then were killed by the hands of the ones who should have loved and cared for them the most. When the Conservatives denounced the practice of honour killing and referred to it as barbaric, which is the word that describes it in a pamphlet given to new immigrants, Justin had objected to the word “barbaric,” indicating it was too strong a word for sharia law’s senseless murder of women and children. He would have preferred using a word that was a lot less offensive since he wouldn’t want to tick off his extremist friends. He has demonstrated more than once that “political correctness” is more important to him than women’s rights. I’ve read somewhere that he had even proclaimed himself a feminist… Yeah, and so is the pope.

Harper’s rebuttal to Justin’s idiocy on the niqab subject was quote “Never will I say to my daughter that a woman has to cover her face because she is a woman.” His statement rings true, Muslim women are required to wear the niqab because of the fact that they’re women, something that is too tempting to Muslim men’s urges, hence having to cover these sinful lustful objects. Then Mulcair, trying to out-stupid Justin, told Harper that if he thinks women are being oppressed, then deal with the oppression part of it… Wait, then why does Mulcair always whine about fear mongering when Harper does try to do something about the cause of the oppression, which is Islamic extremism? So far, Harper is the only one who has dared to speak up against the hatred and terrorism of radical Islam.

Comparisons, polls, and Coalitions

Let’s take a close look at each of the three main party leaders, starting with Justin Trudeau. Justin only has one thing going for him over the other two, his looks. Yes, he’s definitely easy on the eyes, but sadly for him, looking good is not essential for a Prime Minister. In fact, in some ways it’s a hindrance. Both Harper and Mulcair look like statesmen, and both would be taken much more seriously over a pretty boy. Actually, probably the most intimidating thing about Justin is his looks. If you watched the debates, you would have noticed the way he talks and his unprofessional mannerisms. First off, he never shuts up, and when anyone else tries to say something, he interrupts and speaks over them like a spoiled child. The other party leaders can wait their turn, like adults, something Justin isn’t capable of. His speech is fast and excitable, like a kid hyped up on sugar, with quick audible breaths in between. His grammar is atrocious and the words and phrases he uses sound simple and poorly put together, like the way a kid would try to explain something. The way Justin portrays himself with how he looks, acts, and talks just radiates immaturity. People regularly call him by his first name because no one respects him, or sees him as an adult. If he were ever to become our Prime Minister, (heaven forbid), we’d be laughed off the world stage! At one of the debates, Justin seemed confident that he could stand up to Putin! I can just imagine that scenario… it would be like a chihuahua yapping at a rottweiler!

Justin does a lot of talking about taxing the rich, “the 1%.” His hypocrisy is almost laughable. He was born privileged, never had much of a job aside from a substitute drama teacher, he thinks he can become the Prime Minister riding on his former PM daddy’s coattails, and his solution for everything is digging into the pockets of others? Just who are these rich people he wants to tax so much? Surely all the spending he’s promised couldn’t be funded from the taxes of the wealthy alone.

Compare a loud-mouth, boisterous Trudeau to a clam, introverted Harper. Harper remains cool and collective under pressure, while Justin can’t take the heat and becomes immediately agitated and more emotionally worked up than a pregnant woman with surging hormones, (and she has a valid reason to be moody!) His outbursts will humiliate Canada on the world stage, strain Canada’s trade and economic relations with every other country, and cause lasting repercussions internationally. He is in no way politically savvy and has absolutely no clue how to run a political party, nevermind a country! Justin Trudeau… he’ll NEVER be ready, but according to the polls, there are a lot of Canadians either gullible or just plain crazy enough to vote for him anyway. According to Nano’s DAILY poll, the Liberals are almost always shown with a big lead on Harper, and Mulcair is apparently dropping like a rock. Polls have been pretty unreliable in the past, so I hope any poll showing Justin in the lead is very wrong about the number of Canadians stupid enough to vote for a entitled man-child. Well, as the saying goes, the only poll that matters is the one on election day. We can only hope that Canadians will re-elect the best person for the job with a much deserved majority. If it weren’t for Harper, Canada would have never done as well as it did in the global recession. The haters can argue all they want but the facts will remain, Harper is the one who guided us through those rough waters. As an economist, it’s no surprise he knew what he was doing while many other world leaders struggled. Unlike the two opposition clowns, Harper has actually earned his place, working hard for most of his life to climb the ladder to the top. Like it or not, Harper is genuinely a successful person, and he didn’t need a famous, (or infamous), family member or pretty boy looks to get him to where he is.

Now to Thomas Mulcair. This is a man who was kicked out of the Liberal party, rejected by the Conservatives, and finally found a home with the NDP despite his personal preferences that don’t match most of the NDP’s policies. After Jack Layton passed away, (R.I.P.), the NDP party just lost it’s appeal. Jack was very charismatic, and Mulcair is just… not. He will never be able to bring the NDP to where Jack brought it, and I suspect that on October 20th, the NDP will find itself back in third place. In the last election, I wasn’t comfortable with the NDP being the opposition considering it’s extreme socialist views, and I had hoped the Liberals would reclaim second place status. I no longer felt that way when Justin was elected the leader of the Liberal party. I find the prospect of Justin Trudeau becoming our Prime Minister much more frightening than any of the other candidates who have ever run for PM. In fact, I’ve never felt actual fear before any other election, and I know I’m far from the only one who feels this way. I even had a nightmare about Justin squeaking in over Harper with a majority government! When I woke up, I was relieved it was just a dream, but I also had to remind myself that this nightmare could become a reality for Canada.

I would never EVER want a federal NDP government, the NDP have done so much damage to my province, it would just be an absolute disaster if they were to ever be in charge of the entire country. Regardless, Mulcair as an individual politician is definitely superior to Justin Trudeau, with Harper surpassing both easily. In a rational world, Justin would be lagging far behind, competing with Elizabeth May and her Green party instead of even having the slightest chance of catching up with Harper and Mulcair in the race for Canada’s PM, nevermind being in the lead like the Nanos poll claims. Come on people! We’re suppose to be voting for a Prime Minister, not a prom king! This is the future leader of our country, those planning to vote for Justin need to take this fact more seriously. Their willingness to blindly ignore facts and just vote without thinking for themselves is nothing short of terrifying.

Both Justin and Mulcair have openly revealed their plot to hijack the government in the case of Harper getting a minority, forming a coalition by combining their seats. Justin has been reluctant to collaborate with his second most hated rival, but has changed his mind several times on the issue. He was much more dismissive about the possibility before, claiming he didn’t want to combine the Liberals with the NDP with Tom Mulcair as leader of the party, but he has shown signs of cracking none-the-less. There’s no doubt he wouldn’t hesitate if the only way he could achieve power is through a coalition. He and Mulcair obviously don’t like each other and don’t get along, but whatever will get him in the power seat, even if that means sharing it with Mulcair. If this were to happen, there’s no way they’d ever get it together. Having both these socialist idiots in power would be double the nightmare.

Harper Hating Madness

Time to call out the Harper haters. I’m fed up with this irrational bunch and their hypocrisy and bullying. I’m sick of them stealing the Conservative campaign signs in my city, (just the Conservative ones are targeted). I’m tired of the left-wing journalists using their position in the media to manipulate the masses. I will not be holding back, hence this disclaimer.

Warning: the following text deals with sensitive subject matter that may be offensive to some readers. If you are a bleeding heart socialist with an over-the-top hatred for everything Harper, you will be offended. If you are an Islamic extremist, you will be offended. If you are offended by “Islamophobia,” you will be offended. Reader discretion is advised…

The Harper haters I’m talking about are a political left leaning subset with a mind boggling and borderline psychotic loathing for the Prime Minister. It’s not only that they don’t like Harper’s politics, they despise Harper himself on a personal level, though they don’t even know him outside of political affairs. They enjoy overreacting to everything having to do with him, related to politics or not. He’s simply just the man they’ve chosen to love to hate. All over the internet, whether through comments on news sites, their own personal webpages and blogs, or videos on YouTube, you can easily find these victims of mass Harper hating hysteria. Why do they hate Harper so much? Hard to say when it’s impossible to get a coherent answer. It would seem the more benevolent ones use their Harper hatred for social status, to go along with whatever is popular at the moment so they can hang with the “cool kids.” A lot of them simply answer with “we need change,” a slogan the opposition leaders and the media invented and drilled into the heads of anyone who’ll listen. Repeating this statement like a motto eventually became the popular opinion, and formed a collective cult-like hatred for a particular politician. Most of these people have no idea what they’re talking about, they are unable to think or decide for themselves, basically “sheeple” who go along with whatever is told to them instead of doing a little research to get the facts. This is how Harper haters create more Harper haters, and unfortunately, these tactics too often work on the weak-minded. Hopefully the information I provide here will wake up the more sensible individuals so they can break free from the programming of the radical left.

I find the behavior of political extremists, especially the Canadian ones, mostly annoying, but in some ways strangely fascinating. I’ve never seen such irrepressible hostility for any Prime Minister or President, not even President Bush, as these crazy people have for Harper. This condition has been aptly named “Harper Derangement Syndrome.” The symptoms are about the same as many other psychotic disorders… delusions, auditory hallucinations, unable to distinguish fantasy from reality, frequent nonsensical babbling etc… What is it about Stephen Harper that has those on the far left so tightly wound up? When you type Stephen Harper into google, and even when searching for specific information about him, nearly every single result that comes up will be anti-Harper pages and unprofessional journalist articles, while Justin Trudeau’s name brings up sites singing his praises. If you’ve had the misfortune of reading the ramblings of these loons, you’d think they truly believe that Harper is a tyrant who seized control of Canada with his army of “angry old white men” in a bloody battle, instead of a peaceful democratic election.

There’s a well known saying that goes something like “if you’re not a Liberal at 20, you have no heart. If you’re not a Conservative at 40, you have no brain.” Apparently this saying applies to you only if you’re a white male. Far lefty logic surmises that the Conservative voter base is comprised of only angry white men, no women, no non-whites, and no people that can express any other emotion than anger. Of course, there are no angry white men supporting the Liberals and NDP! Such a concept would be ridiculous! Besides this is enough to prove the stereotype about Conservatives, isn’t it? What was this angry white man thinking? Everyone knows that only Liberal and NDP supporters are granted the right of free speech and to burst into angry rants in public.

This man had expressed his frustration with the reporters constantly interrupting Harper’s speeches to ask the same questions over and over about the Mike Duffy trial, and of course the media had to share his outburst with everyone. Afterwards, memes with the man’s picture were plastered all over the internet, proclaiming that this one supporter proved all the rumors true about angry white Conservative men. Of course Justin had to input his opinion with his usual display of butt kissing. Sweet talking the media is how he gets them to ask him only the easy questions, keeping him shining in a good light. The mainstream media outlets are not very subtle about the favouritism for their golden boy. They never hound and attack him like they do Harper. They even take a jab at Mulcair every once in a while.

The Logic of the Far Left

Far left logic dictates that most Canadians don’t support Harper, of course not taking into consideration that most Canadians don’t support their politician and party of choice either. They like spouting off about how the views of most Canadians are to the left of the political spectrum, (apparently they know this as fact), and complain about how they weren’t being represented. Sorry to burst their pretty pink bubbles, but the far left of the political spectrum is just as undesirable as the far right. People generally prefer a centrist government, considering it’s the only logical and sane choice. Harper is obviously more to the centre, something that has caused controversy on both sides of the spectrum. His centrist leanings clash with those on the far right, while extremists on the far left will never approve of anything that isn’t hardcore socialist. Furthermore, though the Liberal and NDP parties are both left leaning, the Liberals are meant to be centre left while the NDP represents socialism on the far left. Ever since Justin took the reigns of the Liberal party, his stupidity has taken him much too far to the left than the Liberals are meant to be. This isn’t ideal for the centre left who won’t vote NDP. Meanwhile, Mulcair has brought the NDP party closer to the centre which doesn’t appeal to the extreme left. You might think the problem could be solved if the centre left voted for Mulcair, and the far left voted Trudeau, but it’s not that simple. Both Trudeau and Mulcair, not wanting to alienate the typical voters for their parties, change their stance every other day on pretty much every issue they talk about. They are constantly contradicting themselves and confusing or angering their regular voters. Harper, on the other hand, hasn’t made any such drastic changes that would have real effect on his disposition, although he has had to make a few minor alterations in the past to comply with the courts or the United Nations on specific matters. When you look at everything as a whole, Harper is the best representative for the vast majority of Canadians. The extreme right, the centrists, and both the centre right and left can all agree and/or benefit from various policies of the Conservative party led by Harper. The only ones who don’t are, in fact, the extreme left. These are usually the people who refuse to cooperate with those outside their group’s mindset, especially when there’s not enough in it for them, (welfare, exclusive tax funded freebies, etc). They’re also the same people who like to be charitable with other people’s money. The benefit for them is that they can feel all snarky and morally superior, but don’t have to contribute any effort or their own cash.

Apparently, the far left came to the realization that there aren’t enough of them to bring in their preferred socialist, so they decided to gang up, devising a plan to vote strategically with their only goal to oust Harper. They made a pact to watch the polls and vote for whoever seems to have the highest chance of beating him, even if it means holding their noses and voting for a person and party that doesn’t reflect their personal values. They don’t care about the economy, taxes, and values like normal voters do. No, the only thing that matters to them is getting Harper out no matter the consequences. So if this dirty little trick of theirs works out, and either Justin or Mulcair or BOTH end up in the Prime Minister spot, we’ll know who to blame when Canada is reduced to a nationwide ghetto and becomes the first Western country to pass sharia law. Think I’m just being a fear monger? Is it really worth the risk that this can, and likely will happen considering Mulcair and especially Trudeau’s stance on spending and taxing, along with their gracious hospitality for Muslim migrants?

Oh Those Crazy Lefties

Let’s now take a look at some of the Harper haters wackier displays of Harper hating. Not long after Harper’s majority win, a disgruntled “artist” painted a nude picture of him. Apparently she did this in an attempt to make a bold political statement, but it could have just as easily been mistaken for a personal fetish of her’s… a political porn statement? As you can read in the article, the Liberals and NDP had a field day with Harper’s naked picture, kind of like little kids giggling when someone’s pants fall down. Since this stupidity wasn’t directed toward their party’s representative, they were able to laugh about it, make immature jokes, and compliment the crazy woman’s work. Can you imagine if someone had done this to a Liberal PM? You would be seeing the exact opposite of this reaction. Instead of finding it funny or bold, the Liberal and NDP parties, along with their supporters, would fly into a blind rage screaming for the artist’s head!

For more fun, let’s examine the stupidity of “smart” lefty extremists. A man who worked as an Environment Canada scientist by the name of Tony Turner decided to flaunt his political views in a little ditty he wrote and sings, Harperman. When he was reprimanded for it, his supporters had a fit, thinking it was the big bad “Harperman” that got their hero suspended, (with pay). Though the left extremists tend to viciously insult and harass anyone who defends Harper, or generally disagrees with them on anything, they are always the quickest to scream about their freedom of speech being stifled… even when it’s not. As you can read in the article, the crappy lyrics weren’t the problem, his failure as a public service worker to maintain political neutrality was. It’s crazy enough that a grown man would even take the time to compose a protest song about a politician, but he took it a step further by performing it publicly. In the video, a group of senior background singers, who looked either senile or drugged, swayed and bobbed their heads as he strummed away on his guitar, (looking pretty stoned himself). The sad thing is that this man is most likely the smartest person who identifies with the far left.

This Turner guy isn’t the only nutter. There’s also Baby Beluga singer, Raffi with his own crappy little song. How ironic, a children’s entertainer stuck in permanent childhood. In a way it makes sense, anyone who actually likes these two creepsters and their terrible songs could only have the minds of toddlers. If these people are going to act like small children, then they’re simply not mature enough to vote for the leader of the country.

Has a Conservative or centrist ever done anything outrageously bizarre and stupid like this to make a political statement? I’ve yet to hear a hippy protest song about Trudeau or Mulcair. I’ve never seen any naked pictures painted of them either… these immature antics do seem exclusive to the far left. Frankly, I would be embarrassed to associate myself with a group that approves of this bizarre and childish behavior.