One concerning issue that every Canadian citizen, “old-stock” or new, should take into account is the Liberal and NDP’s ideas of dealing with the Syrian refugee crisis. Let me start by going back a way to when the Conservatives made changes to health care concerning refugees. I doubt many Canadians even knew before then that refugees received benefits the majority of Canadians don’t, such as eye and dental care, and all their drug prescriptions paid for by our tax dollars. The cuts to the refugee’s coverage set off the bleeding hearts, the ones who don’t give a rat’s behind about their fellow CANADIANS. Charity should begin at home, but many hardcore socialists don’t think so. According to the logic of those with full hearts but empty heads, because Canada is a rich first world country, we are obligated to spread whatever wealth we have to people in poorer countries without question. Without the consent of Canadians who work their butts off to support their own families, only to have a large portion of their paycheck taken to provide for these new arrivals who get everything handed to them the moment they step on Canadian soil. You can read a article which explains the cuts the Conservative government made to refugee health care here.

I think most of us can agree that the refugees are already well taken care of with the same basic health care that is offered to all Canadian citizens. Why should these people coming here from another country receive better care than our own, especially our own citizens living in poverty? Of course, when the Conservatives made the changes, the refugee claimants were outraged. After all, the free health care is why a lot of them came to Canada in the first place. So they, along with a few Canadians with pulled heart strings, decided to sue the government. As said in the article, the government was forced to return the gold plated benefits, but fortunately the Conservatives managed to create a new coverage plan that didn’t reinstate all benefits, with an exception for the most needy. Why are we expected to be so accommodating at the expense of our own citizens? It’s time to get our priorities straight. Having empathy and compassion for the less fortunate is all well and good, but we should be focusing on the less fortunate in our own country first. Harsh as it sounds, people from other countries are not the responsibility of Canadians, especially since many of them are migrants rather than refugees. Migrants are not even in danger in their homelands, but take advantage of the ISIS invasion and apply for refugee status to receive Canada’s “free” goodies. Why would they stay in their own countries when they can come to the West and take advantage of our involuntary generosity? If they can’t get into a country legally, they sneak/force their way in, invading the whole Western world!

Why is it that the Liberals and NDP jump at the chance to help non-Canadians, while dismissing the families of hard working Canadians who struggle to make ends meet without any free benefits? The two main opposition parties have never had any qualms when it comes to being generous with other people’s money. Where will the money come from when all Canadians end up living in poverty because of this reckless spending, and the extreme financial burden of the thousands of refugees the Liberals and/or NDP are planning to stream into Canada?