Trudeau and Mulcair want to speed up the process of migrants entering our country by bypassing proper security measures. Neither are the least bit concerned about allowing in waves of refugees from a terrorist-ridden country. In fact, they want to change the current security protocol that Harper has in place so that the migrants can come into Canada thousands at a time! Harper, however, is handling things in a far more reasonable manner, recognizing the fact that security is essential when dealing with people coming into Canada from an ISIS infested country. His interest is to keep Canadians safe first, which is what’s to be expected of the leader of our country. Not only has he slowed down the steady stream of migrants for proper and through screening, but he has made the targeted minority first priority. Christians in Syria are being hunted by the jihadists, so it only makes sense that the people who are the most likely to be massacred should be the focus when admitting refugees. These are the real refugees, the ones that are actually fleeing for their lives. However, Trudeau plans to cancel this necessity.

Just who’s side is golden boy Justin on anyway? You have to wonder when he’s against revoking Canadian citizenship of convicted terrorists. Another one of his brilliant ideas is to airlift asylum seekers from Syria. That’s right, he thinks we should just ignore all security risks, pluck up these people, and airlift them to Canada, courtesy of Canadian taxpayers of course. Then there’s this. So Trudeau wants to let all Mexicans unsatisfied with their lives into Canada too! Hooray for Justin, allowing pretty much anyone and everyone into our lovely country! I just wonder how long it’ll stay lovely if he has his way.

Canada was under scrutiny for a short time due to a tragic event involving the deaths of two young Syrian children and their mother. The father had arranged for the family’s passage to Europe on a small rubber boat. Life jackets weren’t provided to the children, who obviously couldn’t swim. The boat capsized, and tragically the boys and their mother drowned. Of course this story would elicit feelings of deep sadness for the loss of innocent lives, and sympathy for the family affected, but the opposition leaders took it as an opportunity. They criticized the Conservative government for their handling of refugee processing due to claims that the father had applied for refugee status, but his application had been rejected months before. This information turned out to be false, and though the accusations were silenced afterwards, of course there was no apology offered to the Conservatives. The opposition leaders did, however, continue their exploitation of the tragic deaths, focusing on the youngest, 3 year old Alan Kurdi. Pictures of Alan’s lifeless little body circulated around the world, attempting to stir up blind rage using the death of this poor child through the guise of empathy. The little boy’s father similarly blamed Canada, though only he could be held responsible for the deaths of his family. His anti-Canada rant came AFTER it had been shown that his application rejection story was a lie. I know we’re expected to be lenient of this grieving father and husband, but this doesn’t excuse the fact that he would express such disdain for Canada all in order to place the blame elsewhere. He should be feeling guilty, he’s the one who made his family travel in an extremely unsafe boat without life jackets to Europe so he could get his teeth fixed! This is the typical arrogant mentality of these men, to blame everyone except themselves. These are the kind of people the Liberals and NDP want to bring here in droves.

Trudeau and Mulcair have both attacked Harper for his stance, consistently accusing him of fear mongering, even when modern moderate Muslims agree with him. I don’t know why the extreme left aren’t able to comprehend the difference between a normal Muslim person who embraces our culture, and a terrorist who wants to destroy it… and us. They brush off any possibility that the wave of migrants from terrorist infested countries settling here could very well have mixed within them those with ill intentions, and that Canadians DO have reason to fear mass migration, for ourselves, and for our country. You just have to take a look at Europe to realize just how serious this problem is. On top of that, there seems to be an overabundance of young Muslim men in these crowds. People will say they have a right to come here too, but we can’t afford to drop our guard considering the open threat from ISIS using the “refugee crisis” to infiltrate the West. Young Muslim men are the typical ISIS fighters and recruiters, and being wary of this is not unreasonable. Let’s not forget the view that the most primitive of these men have on women. Let’s not forget how prone they are to the rape of uncovered and/or unaccompanied women, believing they’re entitled to do so. Harper doesn’t have to monger fear, informed Canadians can see what’s happening for themselves. The sick backwards beliefs of these sick backwards men just don’t disappear because they moved to a country that actually values women’s right to be viewed and treated as equal human beings. Staying in denial about these very real issues is incredibly dangerous, and potentially deadly.