This is pretty self-explanatory when you consider the leaders of the two main opposition parties, but unfortunately many Canadians remain unaware or uninformed. They’re either misled by the mainstream media, or simply make no effort to challenge the rhetoric fed to them . “We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.” – Benjamin Franklin.

It’s of the utmost importance for Canadians to pay close attention to the meaning behind political ideologies in order to gain an understanding of what differentiates a reliable and capable politician from an erratic and unqualified one, especially when choosing the next Prime Minister. Both Justin Trudeau and Thomas Mulcair have, through their own words, revealed themselves to be nothing but overtly incompetent from their poor strategies on how to run the economy, spending and taxing propositions, and compromising the safety and well being of Canadians. Then there’s Stephen Harper. His strong leadership skills, efficiently running the economy, balancing the budget with a low tax plan, and determination to keep Canadians safe has made him one of the best Prime Ministers of Canada despite what critics may say. Trudeau and Mulcair are both inexperienced radical socialists who want to spend, spend, and spend some more by taxing every cent out of hard working Canadians and driving Canada into serious debt, and a recession that would make Greece cringe in sympathy. With higher taxes and the addition of carbon taxes, careless spending such as increasing funding on hobbies and media outlets, how could we even afford Trudeau or Mulcair as Prime Minister? Let’s hope we never find out.