The Sinister Side of Far Left Mentality

Although their silly songs and antics can be considered amusing and even entertaining in a way, there’s a much darker side to the loony left. I’ve seen a few lighthearted memes poking fun at Justin, Mulcair, and other left-wing politicians, but none of them ever went nearly as far as this. Years back, the Liberals, (with Ignatieff as leader at the time), decided to have a little fun at Harper’s expense. They devised a sort of game to appeal to their feeble-minded supporters who were directed to alter pictures of the Prime Minister. The purpose was to highlight the Liberal’s claim of Harper’s reluctance to attend the climate change summit, calling it “Stephen Harper Anywhere But Copenhagen Photo Challenge.” Most of the pictures were the expected immaturity, and were apparently screened before being posted to the Liberal’s website, but somehow the offensive Oswald picture “slipped through the cracks,” (yeah right). Apparently it had been removed quickly, but not quickly enough to stop it from being circulated around the internet. Though the Liberals admitted the subject of this picture was off-limits and offensive, the fact that one of their clearly unstable supporters actually pasted the Prime Minister on a picture of Oswald while he was being shot should not be brushed off, just like Liberals never just brush off anything Conservatives do. This wouldn’t be funny under any circumstance, but especially not when it’s the country’s leader. If someone made this picture in the U.S. with President Obama photo-shopped into the place of Oswald, Americans would be in an uproar no matter their political stripes. Here in Canada, assassination pictures of our PM are not only acceptable, but humorous to the twisted minds of the far left as long as it’s a Conservative PM, (specifically Harper).

Here is another ridiculous attack against Harper by Justin Trudeau and NDP staffers after a terrifying and horrendous incident that left Canadians shaken, and sadly one young Canadian solder dead. Justin made a claim that his late father would have handled things “differently,” I guess that means he would have run towards the gunshots? The Liberals, NDP, and their crazy supporters made light of the shooting in the House of Commons with the claims that Harper had hid himself in a closet… What? First of all, it would have been his staffers who would have hid him in order to protect him, basic protocol when an attack takes place in the proximity of a Prime Minister or President. However, Justin and company attempted to make it sound like Harper pushed everyone out of his way so he could dive into the closet and save himself. By spinning the story like this, they gave themselves an excuse for another Harper bashing orgy! Do you think if this happened in the States to Obama that people would be making jokes about it? Do you think these kind of idiot things would have been said if it had been Paul Martin or Jean Chretien “hiding in the closet?” It’s disgraceful to find humour in this tragic event, especially considering a young man lost his life. The far left act like a bunch of sociopaths and quickly lose their humanity over a politician they don’t like. Funny how they refer to Harper as an emotionless cyborg, yet they themselves are cold and indifferent when his life is in danger, (while excessively emotional when it comes to everything else about him).


Power and Pot

Justin Trudeau, in his quest for power and control, wants to make voting mandatory. This would mean if you don’t vote on election day, you will have to pay a fine. Encouraging people to go out and vote is all fine and dandy, but living in a democracy means that we also have the right to NOT vote. Seems like all that weed Justin’s been smoking is killing his brain cells. I’ve read that marijuana can do that to a brain that isn’t fully developed.

Now, I can see marijuana being used for pain relief if it works, but if it were to be completely legalized, there would really be no way to control it. It would be much more accessible to teens, young people standing around in public places lighting up a joint would be a common sight. People, including little kids, will have to inhale that garbage, and nothing could be done about it. The stink of it will be everywhere. Oddly enough, many Canadians seem to actually approve of Justin’s pot legalization gimmick, claiming marijuana is safe. Like we actually need another legal substance that impairs people’s ability to think clearly, and causes both physical and mental issues. If you think marijuana is harmless and causes no long term side effects, then read this. There are good reasons this drug has been illegal for so long. To top it off, it’s known as the “gateway drug.” When there’s a higher demand for the harder stuff, get ready for the rise of even more stoned teenagers.

That would mean more business for Insite, a supervised drug injection site. I thought this whole operation was a joke when I first heard about it, but sadly Canadian tax payers are actually funding drug use. The purpose of the place is to prevent fatal overdoses with supervising nurses, but once the druggie starts feeling better, he/she leaves to seek out a supply for more illegal narcotics. Then later they return and do the whole injection/overdose thing all over again. How about, oh I don’t know, helping these people kick their addictions so they can become productive members of society? How about spending that money on rehabilitation programs instead? How about saving lives and keeping them safe and healthy? Of course, that will be next to impossible with pot legalization.

Women’s Issues

Another annoying tactic by both far left men and women is to raise false alarms about Harper, such as claiming he doesn’t care about women, but hypocritically ignore sexism from the left’s perspective like this. The Conservative party may be known for it’s religious and outdated beliefs, and sadly there are still a few misogynistic idiots clinging to the far right, but why is it that sexist Liberals and atheists get a pass? At times, Liberals can be just as or even more sexist than the most extreme far right Conservative, especially when it comes to Islam’s dehumanization of women which Christianity could never compete with. Too many Muslim men behave like dangerous mindless beasts, and this simply can’t be allowed in civilized societies. In the savage countries these males originate from, they blame women who were raped for being raped, and whip or stone these victims to death. Why is it that Liberal feminists refuse to speak up for their sisters living in these crippling misogynistic conditions? Why would anyone support bringing the rapists and killers from these countries here? What about the safety of Canadian women and children who these filthy bastards will want to rape? What about homosexual couples who will be put in danger by Islamic bigotry? Muslim men are rarely punished for the terrible crimes they are known to commit. They get away with it in their own countries due to rabid sexism and homophobia, and our countries won’t do anything either because of our pathetic politically correct legal systems. In this article, read what the pedophile scum said about women. He admits to believing women are “no more worthy than a lollipop that has been dropped on the ground!” Why the hell are Liberals refusing to call them out on this extreme misogynistic bullshit that they are so casual and open about? I’m disgusted and terrified of what these predators do to women and girls just for being female! I don’t give a damn that misogyny and other hateful beliefs are deeply rooted in their culture, if they want to live in a civilized country, they need to become civilized people. If they commit a crime, they need to be punished by our laws. It’s long past time to focus on the real danger radical Islam and sharia law poses like this. Do Liberals think if we just ignore the behavior of these barbarians that they’ll eventually stop doing horrible things? Keep migrants, at least the adult males, out of Canada! I don’t want what’s happening in Sweden happening to women in Canada as well! Wake up people! Remaining blissfully in denial of the REAL threat fanatic Muslims pose to civilized countries is completely self-destructive! Stop using tolerance as an excuse, this is not about being tolerant of others. Tolerance for an obviously dangerous group of people is the loss of all common sense, and even basic instinct to survive!

Now, to take a look at our own culture. Why do Liberals tend to support and defend porn, prostitution, and strippers when the sex industry clearly thinks of women as nothing but objects for men to treat like living sex toys? A while back, the Adult Entertainment Association of Canada exposed their true views of women. Strip club owners and the like were pissed because the Conservative government had ended work visas for foreign strippers. These misogynists whined about how Canadian women weren’t exotic, and that their pervert customers preferred to leer at more vulnerable women, like the ones who come here from foreign countries and hardly speak a word of English, who are easy to manipulate into performing the most depraved and degrading acts that Canadian women refuse to do. International women, who had no intention of working in the sex industry, had also been lured to Canada by applying for other jobs. When they arrived, they were tricked or forced into sex slavery. See Timea Nagy’s story.

Another controversial political topic which directly affects women that I unfortunately need to touch on is abortion. Though Liberal feminists lament that a Conservative government will be the end of safe and legal abortions, Harper has made it crystal clear that he has no intention of reopening the abortion debate. Keeping to his word, he denounced a Conservative backbencher’s bid to do so. Harper has always favoured the “keep the government out of your face” approach, which is the best approach for a modern society.

Harper & Duffy & Robocalls… OH MY!

So after the last election, there was a big stink raised about bogus robocalls that had been traced back to the Conservative party headquarters in Guelph, Ontario. A young, enthusiastic but half-witted volunteer had been charged, and after the investigation, it was determined he acted alone and was solely responsible for the deceiving calls. Against all evidence, the far left wing nutters insisted Harper was in on it. Yes, Harper himself concocted an elaborate scheme to stop the people in one small city from voting… Just FYI, no one actually was prevented from casting their vote. Although the mainstream media made a HUGE fuss over the activities surrounding a Conservative VOLUNTEER, they were much quieter about the illegal actions of a Liberal PREMIER.

For those who haven’t been paying attention, the Mike Duffy trial, like the robocall “scandal”, was another attempt by the far left media to over-hype a nonissue concerning the Conservative party, something they ONLY do to the Conservatives. Serious crimes that had been committed by the Liberals in the past, like the sponsorship scandal, were largely minimized and treated like a simple slip-up. To quickly sum up what happened with Mike Duffy, the left strongly believe that Harper had known about Duffy’s inappropriate expenses being paid back by one of Harper’s top aides, instead of by Duffy himself. Apparently this is Harper’s fault, like everything is according to the logic of extreme lefties, and of course they had no good solid proof to back up their allegations. They should take into account the wise words of the very articulate former PM, Jean Chretien- “A proof is a proof.”

Harper had patiently answered all of the media’s repetitive questions on the subject, all the money had already been returned, and Duffy is facing a lengthy jail sentence, but this didn’t satisfy the Liberals and NDP since it didn’t incriminate Harper enough. So the whole thing turned into a media circus in an attempt to paint Harper as the villain, (hopefully fully clothed this time!) During the chaos surrounding Mike Duffy and Harper, the Liberal senator charged with the same crimes as Duffy was swept under the rug. The trial of Mac Harb has been conveniently postponed to after the election. The opposition parties tried as hard as they could to take advantage of the Duffy fiasco, and along with the media, hammered Harper with it. One of the more despicable political stunts during this time was done by NDP leader, Tom Mulcair, with a video using children to read e-mails allegedly from the Prime Minister’s office regarding Mike Duffy. The kids clearly had no idea about what was going on, fidgeting restlessly as they stumbled through the complex sentences they had to read aloud. At the end, two little kids are instructed to look at each other and say “Have you had enough? It’s time for a change in Ottawa.” It was completely inappropriate to involve such young kids in this ridiculous political banter, and you have to wonder what kind of idiot parents would exploit their children for shits and giggles… oh yeah, parents who support the NDP! Gotta have that $15 a day child care!

Climate Change and Animal Welfare

Environmental issues, specifically climate change, is a hot topic for the Liberals and NDP. Although I agree that we need to be taking better care of our planet, there has been too much exaggeration with a lot of what they go on about, like global warming. I do think they have a point about cutting down too many trees, and polluting lakes and oceans, but their hysterics over every little thing prevents the messages of the real problems and solutions from getting through to the public. Extremists of any group don’t seem to understand that approaching issues in a calm and coherent manner is a much more effective way to get people to listen to what you have to say. They will be intimidated and won’t take you seriously if you’re freaking out on them. How I personally feel about environmental protection groups is kind of similar to my opinion of PETA. As an animal lover, I greatly appreciate PETA’s work to stop animal cruelty, but sometimes they go in the way of the ridiculous and extreme which then ends up counterproductive to their cause.

How well known is it that the PM and his wife, Laureen, love animals, and how much does that matter to people, (like myself), with deep concerns for the treatment and well being of other species we share the planet with? Harper is the first Prime Minister to actually care about animals, and to introduce a legislation specifically for animals. Those who harm law enforcement and service animals will face serious consequences, (finally). These animals have aided and saved many lives, yet it took until now to bring in a real law to protect them. The past Liberal government had animal protection laws on the table, but didn’t care enough to get around to it. Laureen Harper, being the amazing lady she is, works with an animal welfare group with the goal to finally put an end to cosmetic testing on animals. The Harpers also foster cats on a regular basis, typically kitties with health or behavioral issues that need special care before they can be adopted. We need a Prime Minister who is capable of caring for the well being of both Canada’s people and animals.

How do Justin and Mulcair feel about animals? Here’s a hint. A few years, back Russia stopped buying seal products from Canada. The seal hunters were enraged so they decided to scream at Harper. I’m not sure what they wanted him to do, force Russia to start buying from them again? That wouldn’t have gone too well… When Harper didn’t respond to their complaints, the opposition criticized him for his lack of acknowledgment for the poor seal killers. The Liberals and NDP, including Justin Trudeau and Thomas Mulcair, decided to show their support by wearing seal skin ribbons. I mean, really? PETA should be chasing after them, or better yet, bringing it up now while they’re campaigning. Unfortunately both Justin and Mulcair’s status of left leaning politicians protects them from any organization that identifies as left-wing.

Aboriginal Issues and Criminal Law

None of the past Liberal governments ever did anything meaningful for First Nations, but the opposition continue to hypocritically complain about Harper’s relations to aboriginal Canadians. At least Harper acknowledges the major issues on the reserves, and tries to do something about it like a $500 million boost specifically for First Nations school’s education and culture programs.

Both the Liberals and NDP pander for votes by promising to pass the inquiry for Canada’s missing and murdered aboriginal women, then criticize Harper for refusing to hold the inquiry. Although what happened to these women is horribly tragic and sad, an inquiry will do absolutely no good. It would be a waste of time, money, and effort that could be used to prevent future victims, programs to help abused women, along with building women’s shelters on the reserves. The majority of murdered native women were/are killed by native men according to the RCMP. This is why shelters and more security on reserves are essential. Action is required, and the only government who have proven to stand up for the victims of violent crimes are, in fact, the Conservatives.

Bill C-10, the Conservative’s omnibus crime bill was greeted with the usual over-exaggerating protests, basically the typical extremist response to anything the Conservatives do. Of course, the hug-a-thug gang are completely against the actual punishment of criminals. Their belief is that it’s society’s fault these people turned to a life of crime, and can’t help the fact that they have no will to control themselves. Using the excuses of one’s bad upbringing and/or mental illness have been common defenses in Canada that the far left suck right up. It seems that if it were up to them, all criminals, even rapists and killers, would get house arrest instead of jail time. They can’t seem to get it through their heads that there is NO EXCUSE to commit violent crimes!

With that said, I do have my own reserves about this particular bill, but only when it comes to non-violent crimes. For example, although drug crimes should definitely be met with harsh punishment as drugs do ruin lives, non-violent drug related crimes shouldn’t get unreasonably long jail sentences. Mandatory and long term sentences should be exclusive to violent offenders. Though in my opinion the bill introduces a punishment that is excessive in some ways for non-violent crimes, I understand it all comes down to choice in the end. Going to jail is an easy thing to avoid, just stay out of trouble… it shouldn’t be that difficult.

As for violent crimes, specifically murder and sexual assault, there is no punishment harsh enough. Life sentences should literally mean life for the most depraved of killers and rapists. If we can’t bring back the death penalty, then at least keep them away from society forever. These subhumans can’t be rehabilitated, and even if they could, they don’t deserve another chance after the horror they inflicted on other human beings. I’m sick of reading about rapists being set free accompanied with a warning of likely to re-offend. If he’s likely to re-offend, then why let him out? It goes against all common sense! Who cares if he’s done his time, it’s better he stays locked up than for another innocent person to be seriously hurt, or maybe killed this time.

Now to the worst of the worst, crimes against children. The bill introduces increased penalties for sexual offenses against children, as well as creating two new offenses related to sexual exploitation of children. Who would oppose this other than pedophiles? It’s about time something was done about the lenient sentences given to these sick bastards! It’s not the least bit surprising that child molesters only got a slap on the wrist when the Liberals were in power. They’re the ones who lowered the age of consent to 14, and probably will again.

This bill grants more rights to victims, such as participating in parole hearings. Young offenders would finally be properly punished for violent crimes. This has all been a long time coming, but to those who protest this bill, prioritizing victims and keeping the worst monsters locked up for good would violate the rights of criminals.


So there it is, my take on a number of issues that face Canada and Canadians. I had a lot to cover, and it took longer than I wanted, but I felt I needed to counter the drivel the left-wing media tries to mislead Canadians with. The truth is that Canada is doing well with Harper as it’s leader, in fact Canada ranks as most reputable country in the world. It would also seem that Harper’s supposed hidden agenda wasn’t actually hidden after all. In the almost decade that he’s been at the helm, he has kept his campaign promises, and stayed true to his fiscal plan and economic policy. News of an early surplus was recently announced, much to the dismay of the far left whiners who fruitlessly attempted to discredit the good news. Meanwhile, Justin Trudeau wants to purposely run deficits for 3 years!

Even when putting aside what each political party represents, Harper is hands down the best of the three and the only one who has earned and deserves to be Prime Minister of our amazing country. I hope people found my blog informative, and I especially hope they have come to the same conclusion as I have, a vote for either the Liberals or NDP is a very bad idea. So on October 19th, for Canada’s sake, vote smart. Another Conservative majority is what we need right now, because if Trudeau or Mulcair… or worse BOTH end up in charge of Canada, Canadians won’t have to tell each other horror stories this Halloween… we’ll be living in one.

I’ll wrap this up with a letter I wrote entitled The Hysterical Harping On Harper which was printed in the Letters to the Editor section of my local newspaper. Enjoy! 🙂

Dear Sir,
My political views have always been consistent. For economic and legal/security issues, I lean more to the right of the spectrum, but when it comes to social freedom, I’m on the left. Generally I’m most comfortable in the centre, and I can’t help but notice that extremists, on both the far right and the far left, seem to suffer from a sort of mass hysteria when election time rolls around in Canada. For this particular election, it’s the far left that has been most effected by this phenomenon, often taking their disdain for Mr. Harper too far. I’m tired of the exaggeration and overreaction towards anything Mr. Harper says or does.

People, especially young people, are quick to succumb to peer pressure. They simply accept the clearly bias ramblings of the mainstream media as fact instead of thinking for themselves. Being young is not an excuse to remain uninformed, I’m a young voter too, but I prefer to make decisions based on my own ideals rather than blindly following others. After I researched Harper’s time as Prime Minister, I find this outrage towards him both unwarranted and perplexing.

Despite the assumptions of the media and far left supporters, Harper has been accommodating of Canadian diversity, all while putting Canadian citizens first, as it should be. He has also proven to keep his promise of not getting involved with sensitive social issues.

Aside from all that, the real question is, how can anyone actually believe that Justin Trudeau or Mulcair are suitable alternatives? That either of them could do any better than Harper? He’s not perfect by any means, but who is? Yet he’s scrutinized in a way that the other parties aren’t subjected to, and people aren’t paying enough attention to the dangerously ridiculous overspending and tax hikes the other parties are promising. To informed voters, the safest and most realistic choice is obviously Harper. He’s the only one with experience, and generally the only one of the three main party leaders who is even capable of running a country. We’ve all seen the “Stop Harper” signs favoured by some dewy-eyed crusaders with their unspecific calls for change. I truly hope that people do stop. Stop to actually think if the changes that come with a Trudeau or Mulcair government is really what they want, not only for themselves, but for the prosperity of our incredible country.

Update: I hadn’t planned to write another post, but I wanted to share my campaigning experience today, which backs up some of what I’ve been saying on this blog. This was my first time to go out campaigning. It’s not something I really wanted to do, but I thought I should experience it, get an impression for what kind of people vote for which party in the real world, not just online. The results were not very eye opening, it was more like confirming my observations regarding supporters of individual political parties, the more stable and the more radical ones. All and all, my experience was positive, but not one I would personally want to do again. It just wasn’t my cup of tea.

Most of the answers were either undecided, or they had voted already, but a lot of people weren’t home or didn’t want to come to the door. A cheerful Conservative supporter at one of the houses I went to was a pleasure to speak with, and agreed to a lawn sign on his yard endorsing the Conservative candidate. Even people who weren’t voting Conservative were pretty polite, or at least not hostile. However, there was one particular woman that pretty much fit the stereo-type of a raving far left loon. She was actually standing at the edge of her yard, purposely waiting for us to pass so she could start an argument with us. This woman was very unpleasant and downright arrogant, talking about how she works at a tax firm. If it’s true, her job obviously doesn’t involve mathematical expertise. Even if she were a janitor there, she could still claim to work at a tax firm. When I asked her if Justin Trudeau is really who she wanted as Prime Minister, she said “yes” then aggressively spouted off that Justin was actually right on point with his tax statistics, (with carbon taxes on top of regular taxes?), and economic plan. Then she stated all the so called refugees Justin wants to allow into Canada by the thousands are “fleeing for their lives because they’re getting killed in their country.” I told her that many of these migrants are dangerous and a threat to Canadians, but that only got her more riled up, and that’s when I took my leave. We’re suppose to keep a polite demeanor when we are representing the Conservative party, but it’s so hard to when dealing with people like her. As I walked away, I heard her complain to another person in my group that Harper was causing this anger towards these “refugees” she feels so sorry for. Really? Then take a look at this and this and this and this! Don’t give me the BS that this happens in every country, the fact is that Muslim men believe they are entitled to rape women, and even children, if they choose and everyone is suppose to just stand back and let them. No other culture or religion in this day and age teaches that men are entitled to rape and murder. People like this crazy woman are just pathetic pawns that the Muslims use to get their foot in the door. By the way we’ve been so accommodating, it will soon be inevitable when converting to Islam will become mandatory with the punishment of death because people refuse to acknowledge that many Muslims coming from these third world countries are nothing but barbaric misogynistic scum! Stop blaming Harper for turning people against Muslims, those who research and know the facts won’t stay in the dark and allow the extremist Muslim males to take over our country and get away with their subordination of women. Trudeau’s supporters are just as dangerous as Trudeau himself, succumbing to his fantasies and willingly jeopardizing the safety of all Canadians, refusing to protect women and children because they don’t want to hurt the fee-fees of the poor misunderstood Muslim men. These fools thoroughly disgust me, and I wish I could have schooled that crazy fan of Justin Bieber… I mean Trudeau, (same difference), on the facts, but I know it would have been pointless. She’s too thick skulled to face reality like all potheads on the fat left.

Then there was this guy with a Liberal sign on his yard standing just outside his door. Because of his Liberal sign, we just walked past and ignored him. However, this didn’t sit well with him, and he had to say something to us if we weren’t going to talk to him. So he yells “don’t bother. I’m a former Conservative and I’ve had it up to here with Harper” and raises a hand over his head to demonstrate how much he had it with Harper. Dude WTF? We did the courtesy of leaving you alone, and you couldn’t return the favour? I didn’t even bother this time, said “ok, whatever” and walked away. He states that he’s a former Conservative, but why would he choose now to stop supporting Harper when the alternatives are a million and one times worse? Just nothing but emotionally charged exaggeration from the militant left. I have to believe people like this are a small minority, just for the sake of keeping my hope for Canada alive. We’ll see on October 19th if I can still claim to be a proud Canadian.