One of the millions of things in which Western culture clashes with Islamic beliefs on is the niqab, the most visible symbol of oppression of Muslim women by Muslim men. Because many Muslim men are perverse, Muslim women have to cover themselves from head to toe, including their faces. It’s disheartening to see a veiled Muslim woman in Canada or the U.S. Not only is seeing women walking down the street under burqas and niqabs bizarre and outright awkward in civilized societies, it’s offensive to the beliefs and ethics of civilized societies, (which are instructed to be tolerant of all foreign cultures and practices under any circumstance, even if it means sacrificing our own safety and values). These people came to OUR country and need to adapt to OUR culture. It’s only natural to be wary when people see someone with their whole face and head covered walk into a bank or other secure location. It shouldn’t even be permitted for someone to completely conceal their identity in public places… except on Halloween. Wearing a scarf over their heads is one thing, but to have their whole face covered with a black veil? These women appear to be in a constant state of mourning, and considering the way they live and the behavior of their men, they likely are.

Harper had tried to ban the wearing of the niqab at citizenship ceremonies, but the Supreme Court intervened, claiming that not allowing these women to keep their faces covered is a religious freedom violation. Since Muslims tend to justify everything by hiding behind Islam, the fanatic left wingers are only too happy to appease them. If you say anything that is the least bit critical about Islam, you’re “Islamophobic.” You know, because being afraid of Islamic Jihadists who want to kill us infidels is apparently an irrational fear. It’s obviously not Islam as a whole that’s the problem, it’s the terrorists who use the religion to justify their horrifying acts. This is something that just goes over the typical militant lefty’s head, but I guess it’s better to be accused of Islamophobia by Westerners, walking on eggshells in order not to cause riots if someone dares to insult Islam’s precious pedophile prophet, than to be shot or bombed in senseless jihad terrorist attacks. Oh, but according to Justin, instead of expressing outrage towards these evil acts, we need to focus on the root causes. Obviously these men felt excluded by Western society, or they would never have done these terrible things, right? He actually believes that if we’re just nice to these psychotic bloodthirsty barbarians, they’ll be nice back and leave Canada alone. Maybe in his world of sunshine and rainbows, but unfortunately living in a fantasy won’t protect Canadians from these soulless creatures, and his solution of showering them with winter parkas and hugs is just not going to do us any good. Harper has no such delusions. He knows these terrorist groups are a real and serious threat to Canada, and he’s willing to do whatever is necessary to protect Canadians and keep us safe. What would you rather have guarding your home… a lion or a mouse?

During the French debate, the niqab issue was brought up. Justin was the first to speak, babbling about how Harper and Duceppe were spreading fear and diversity for their objection to these ugly face coverings. He then attempted to charm women by adding “if a man cannot impose his will on how a woman dresses, we shouldn’t have a say on how a woman should not get dressed” and Mulcair agreed with him, (but they would never state this fact to Muslim men who enforce the constricting dress code for their women). So basically because men shouldn’t be telling women how to dress, people shouldn’t be protesting against the wearing of an item that essentially marks women as slaves and property to their men? Many on the left keep hiding the implications of the Niqab by calling it religious fundamentalism, as if that excuses it of being used as a means to oppress women. We need to preserve Canadian culture and values, and anything that marks women as less than human DOES NOT REFLECT THE CULTURE OF CANADA AND THE VALUES OF CANADIANS! Clear enough for you, Mr Trudeau? He somehow believes he’s defending the rights of women… I would love to ask him if he was defending the rights of women when he claimed that honour killings should be treated like any other crime, to ignore the motivation behind them. Remember this case where the parents murdered their three young daughters because they wouldn’t conform to Muslim traditions? The girls preferred the free and modern life of teenagers in Canadian society, then were killed by the hands of the ones who should have loved and cared for them the most. When the Conservatives denounced the practice of honour killing and referred to it as barbaric, which is the word that describes it in a pamphlet given to new immigrants, Justin had objected to the word “barbaric,” indicating it was too strong a word for sharia law’s senseless murder of women and children. He would have preferred using a word that was a lot less offensive since he wouldn’t want to tick off his extremist friends. He has demonstrated more than once that “political correctness” is more important to him than women’s rights. I’ve read somewhere that he had even proclaimed himself a feminist… Yeah, and so is the pope.

Harper’s rebuttal to Justin’s idiocy on the niqab subject was quote “Never will I say to my daughter that a woman has to cover her face because she is a woman.” His statement rings true, Muslim women are required to wear the niqab because of the fact that they’re women, something that is too tempting to Muslim men’s urges, hence having to cover these sinful lustful objects. Then Mulcair, trying to out-stupid Justin, told Harper that if he thinks women are being oppressed, then deal with the oppression part of it… Wait, then why does Mulcair always whine about fear mongering when Harper does try to do something about the cause of the oppression, which is Islamic extremism? So far, Harper is the only one who has dared to speak up against the hatred and terrorism of radical Islam.