Let’s take a close look at each of the three main party leaders, starting with Justin Trudeau. Justin only has one thing going for him over the other two, his looks. Yes, he’s definitely easy on the eyes, but sadly for him, looking good is not essential for a Prime Minister. In fact, in some ways it’s a hindrance. Both Harper and Mulcair look like statesmen, and both would be taken much more seriously over a pretty boy. Actually, probably the most intimidating thing about Justin is his looks. If you watched the debates, you would have noticed the way he talks and his unprofessional mannerisms. First off, he never shuts up, and when anyone else tries to say something, he interrupts and speaks over them like a spoiled child. The other party leaders can wait their turn, like adults, something Justin isn’t capable of. His speech is fast and excitable, like a kid hyped up on sugar, with quick audible breaths in between. His grammar is atrocious and the words and phrases he uses sound simple and poorly put together, like the way a kid would try to explain something. The way Justin portrays himself with how he looks, acts, and talks just radiates immaturity. People regularly call him by his first name because no one respects him, or sees him as an adult. If he were ever to become our Prime Minister, (heaven forbid), we’d be laughed off the world stage! At one of the debates, Justin seemed confident that he could stand up to Putin! I can just imagine that scenario… it would be like a chihuahua yapping at a rottweiler!

Justin does a lot of talking about taxing the rich, “the 1%.” His hypocrisy is almost laughable. He was born privileged, never had much of a job aside from a substitute drama teacher, he thinks he can become the Prime Minister riding on his former PM daddy’s coattails, and his solution for everything is digging into the pockets of others? Just who are these rich people he wants to tax so much? Surely all the spending he’s promised couldn’t be funded from the taxes of the wealthy alone.

Compare a loud-mouth, boisterous Trudeau to a clam, introverted Harper. Harper remains cool and collective under pressure, while Justin can’t take the heat and becomes immediately agitated and more emotionally worked up than a pregnant woman with surging hormones, (and she has a valid reason to be moody!) His outbursts will humiliate Canada on the world stage, strain Canada’s trade and economic relations with every other country, and cause lasting repercussions internationally. He is in no way politically savvy and has absolutely no clue how to run a political party, nevermind a country! Justin Trudeau… he’ll NEVER be ready, but according to the polls, there are a lot of Canadians either gullible or just plain crazy enough to vote for him anyway. According to Nano’s DAILY poll, the Liberals are almost always shown with a big lead on Harper, and Mulcair is apparently dropping like a rock. Polls have been pretty unreliable in the past, so I hope any poll showing Justin in the lead is very wrong about the number of Canadians stupid enough to vote for a entitled man-child. Well, as the saying goes, the only poll that matters is the one on election day. We can only hope that Canadians will re-elect the best person for the job with a much deserved majority. If it weren’t for Harper, Canada would have never done as well as it did in the global recession. The haters can argue all they want but the facts will remain, Harper is the one who guided us through those rough waters. As an economist, it’s no surprise he knew what he was doing while many other world leaders struggled. Unlike the two opposition clowns, Harper has actually earned his place, working hard for most of his life to climb the ladder to the top. Like it or not, Harper is genuinely a successful person, and he didn’t need a famous, (or infamous), family member or pretty boy looks to get him to where he is.

Now to Thomas Mulcair. This is a man who was kicked out of the Liberal party, rejected by the Conservatives, and finally found a home with the NDP despite his personal preferences that don’t match most of the NDP’s policies. After Jack Layton passed away, (R.I.P.), the NDP party just lost it’s appeal. Jack was very charismatic, and Mulcair is just… not. He will never be able to bring the NDP to where Jack brought it, and I suspect that on October 20th, the NDP will find itself back in third place. In the last election, I wasn’t comfortable with the NDP being the opposition considering it’s extreme socialist views, and I had hoped the Liberals would reclaim second place status. I no longer felt that way when Justin was elected the leader of the Liberal party. I find the prospect of Justin Trudeau becoming our Prime Minister much more frightening than any of the other candidates who have ever run for PM. In fact, I’ve never felt actual fear before any other election, and I know I’m far from the only one who feels this way. I even had a nightmare about Justin squeaking in over Harper with a majority government! When I woke up, I was relieved it was just a dream, but I also had to remind myself that this nightmare could become a reality for Canada.

I would never EVER want a federal NDP government, the NDP have done so much damage to my province, it would just be an absolute disaster if they were to ever be in charge of the entire country. Regardless, Mulcair as an individual politician is definitely superior to Justin Trudeau, with Harper surpassing both easily. In a rational world, Justin would be lagging far behind, competing with Elizabeth May and her Green party instead of even having the slightest chance of catching up with Harper and Mulcair in the race for Canada’s PM, nevermind being in the lead like the Nanos poll claims. Come on people! We’re suppose to be voting for a Prime Minister, not a prom king! This is the future leader of our country, those planning to vote for Justin need to take this fact more seriously. Their willingness to blindly ignore facts and just vote without thinking for themselves is nothing short of terrifying.

Both Justin and Mulcair have openly revealed their plot to hijack the government in the case of Harper getting a minority, forming a coalition by combining their seats. Justin has been reluctant to collaborate with his second most hated rival, but has changed his mind several times on the issue. He was much more dismissive about the possibility before, claiming he didn’t want to combine the Liberals with the NDP with Tom Mulcair as leader of the party, but he has shown signs of cracking none-the-less. There’s no doubt he wouldn’t hesitate if the only way he could achieve power is through a coalition. He and Mulcair obviously don’t like each other and don’t get along, but whatever will get him in the power seat, even if that means sharing it with Mulcair. If this were to happen, there’s no way they’d ever get it together. Having both these socialist idiots in power would be double the nightmare.