Although their silly songs and antics can be considered amusing and even entertaining in a way, there’s a much darker side to the loony left. I’ve seen a few lighthearted memes poking fun at Justin, Mulcair, and other left-wing politicians, but none of them ever went nearly as far as this. Years back, the Liberals, (with Ignatieff as leader at the time), decided to have a little fun at Harper’s expense. They devised a sort of game to appeal to their feeble-minded supporters who were directed to alter pictures of the Prime Minister. The purpose was to highlight the Liberal’s claim of Harper’s reluctance to attend the climate change summit, calling it “Stephen Harper Anywhere But Copenhagen Photo Challenge.” Most of the pictures were the expected immaturity, and were apparently screened before being posted to the Liberal’s website, but somehow the offensive Oswald picture “slipped through the cracks,” (yeah right). Apparently it had been removed quickly, but not quickly enough to stop it from being circulated around the internet. Though the Liberals admitted the subject of this picture was off-limits and offensive, the fact that one of their clearly unstable supporters actually pasted the Prime Minister on a picture of Oswald while he was being shot should not be brushed off, just like Liberals never just brush off anything Conservatives do. This wouldn’t be funny under any circumstance, but especially not when it’s the country’s leader. If someone made this picture in the U.S. with President Obama photo-shopped into the place of Oswald, Americans would be in an uproar no matter their political stripes. Here in Canada, assassination pictures of our PM are not only acceptable, but humorous to the twisted minds of the far left as long as it’s a Conservative PM, (specifically Harper).

Here is another ridiculous attack against Harper by Justin Trudeau and NDP staffers after a terrifying and horrendous incident that left Canadians shaken, and sadly one young Canadian solder dead. Justin made a claim that his late father would have handled things “differently,” I guess that means he would have run towards the gunshots? The Liberals, NDP, and their crazy supporters made light of the shooting in the House of Commons with the claims that Harper had hid himself in a closet… What? First of all, it would have been his staffers who would have hid him in order to protect him, basic protocol when an attack takes place in the proximity of a Prime Minister or President. However, Justin and company attempted to make it sound like Harper pushed everyone out of his way so he could dive into the closet and save himself. By spinning the story like this, they gave themselves an excuse for another Harper bashing orgy! Do you think if this happened in the States to Obama that people would be making jokes about it? Do you think these kind of idiot things would have been said if it had been Paul Martin or Jean Chretien “hiding in the closet?” It’s disgraceful to find humour in this tragic event, especially considering a young man lost his life. The far left act like a bunch of sociopaths and quickly lose their humanity over a politician they don’t like. Funny how they refer to Harper as an emotionless cyborg, yet they themselves are cold and indifferent when his life is in danger, (while excessively emotional when it comes to everything else about him).