Far left logic dictates that most Canadians don’t support Harper, of course not taking into consideration that most Canadians don’t support their politician and party of choice either. They like spouting off about how the views of most Canadians are to the left of the political spectrum, (apparently they know this as fact), and complain about how they weren’t being represented. Sorry to burst their pretty pink bubbles, but the far left of the political spectrum is just as undesirable as the far right. People generally prefer a centrist government, considering it’s the only logical and sane choice. Harper is obviously more to the centre, something that has caused controversy on both sides of the spectrum. His centrist leanings clash with those on the far right, while extremists on the far left will never approve of anything that isn’t hardcore socialist. Furthermore, though the Liberal and NDP parties are both left leaning, the Liberals are meant to be centre left while the NDP represents socialism on the far left. Ever since Justin took the reigns of the Liberal party, his stupidity has taken him much too far to the left than the Liberals are meant to be. This isn’t ideal for the centre left who won’t vote NDP. Meanwhile, Mulcair has brought the NDP party closer to the centre which doesn’t appeal to the extreme left. You might think the problem could be solved if the centre left voted for Mulcair, and the far left voted Trudeau, but it’s not that simple. Both Trudeau and Mulcair, not wanting to alienate the typical voters for their parties, change their stance every other day on pretty much every issue they talk about. They are constantly contradicting themselves and confusing or angering their regular voters. Harper, on the other hand, hasn’t made any such drastic changes that would have real effect on his disposition, although he has had to make a few minor alterations in the past to comply with the courts or the United Nations on specific matters. When you look at everything as a whole, Harper is the best representative for the vast majority of Canadians. The extreme right, the centrists, and both the centre right and left can all agree and/or benefit from various policies of the Conservative party led by Harper. The only ones who don’t are, in fact, the extreme left. These are usually the people who refuse to cooperate with those outside their group’s mindset, especially when there’s not enough in it for them, (welfare, exclusive tax funded freebies, etc). They’re also the same people who like to be charitable with other people’s money. The benefit for them is that they can feel all snarky and morally superior, but don’t have to contribute any effort or their own cash.

Apparently, the far left came to the realization that there aren’t enough of them to bring in their preferred socialist, so they decided to gang up, devising a plan to vote strategically with their only goal to oust Harper. They made a pact to watch the polls and vote for whoever seems to have the highest chance of beating him, even if it means holding their noses and voting for a person and party that doesn’t reflect their personal values. They don’t care about the economy, taxes, and values like normal voters do. No, the only thing that matters to them is getting Harper out no matter the consequences. So if this dirty little trick of theirs works out, and either Justin or Mulcair or BOTH end up in the Prime Minister spot, we’ll know who to blame when Canada is reduced to a nationwide ghetto and becomes the first Western country to pass sharia law. Think I’m just being a fear monger? Is it really worth the risk that this can, and likely will happen considering Mulcair and especially Trudeau’s stance on spending and taxing, along with their gracious hospitality for Muslim migrants?