Let’s now take a look at some of the Harper haters wackier displays of Harper hating. Not long after Harper’s majority win, a disgruntled “artist” painted a nude picture of him. Apparently she did this in an attempt to make a bold political statement, but it could have just as easily been mistaken for a personal fetish of her’s… a political porn statement? As you can read in the article, the Liberals and NDP had a field day with Harper’s naked picture, kind of like little kids giggling when someone’s pants fall down. Since this stupidity wasn’t directed toward their party’s representative, they were able to laugh about it, make immature jokes, and compliment the crazy woman’s work. Can you imagine if someone had done this to a Liberal PM? You would be seeing the exact opposite of this reaction. Instead of finding it funny or bold, the Liberal and NDP parties, along with their supporters, would fly into a blind rage screaming for the artist’s head!

For more fun, let’s examine the stupidity of “smart” lefty extremists. A man who worked as an Environment Canada scientist by the name of Tony Turner decided to flaunt his political views in a little ditty he wrote and sings, Harperman. When he was reprimanded for it, his supporters had a fit, thinking it was the big bad “Harperman” that got their hero suspended, (with pay). Though the left extremists tend to viciously insult and harass anyone who defends Harper, or generally disagrees with them on anything, they are always the quickest to scream about their freedom of speech being stifled… even when it’s not. As you can read in the article, the crappy lyrics weren’t the problem, his failure as a public service worker to maintain political neutrality was. It’s crazy enough that a grown man would even take the time to compose a protest song about a politician, but he took it a step further by performing it publicly. In the video, a group of senior background singers, who looked either senile or drugged, swayed and bobbed their heads as he strummed away on his guitar, (looking pretty stoned himself). The sad thing is that this man is most likely the smartest person who identifies with the far left.

This Turner guy isn’t the only nutter. There’s also Baby Beluga singer, Raffi with his own crappy little song. How ironic, a children’s entertainer stuck in permanent childhood. In a way it makes sense, anyone who actually likes these two creepsters and their terrible songs could only have the minds of toddlers. If these people are going to act like small children, then they’re simply not mature enough to vote for the leader of the country.

Has a Conservative or centrist ever done anything outrageously bizarre and stupid like this to make a political statement? I’ve yet to hear a hippy protest song about Trudeau or Mulcair. I’ve never seen any naked pictures painted of them either… these immature antics do seem exclusive to the far left. Frankly, I would be embarrassed to associate myself with a group that approves of this bizarre and childish behavior.