Time to call out the Harper haters. I’m fed up with this irrational bunch and their hypocrisy and bullying. I’m sick of them stealing the Conservative campaign signs in my city, (just the Conservative ones are targeted). I’m tired of the left-wing journalists using their position in the media to manipulate the masses. I will not be holding back, hence this disclaimer.

Warning: the following text deals with sensitive subject matter that may be offensive to some readers. If you are a bleeding heart socialist with an over-the-top hatred for everything Harper, you will be offended. If you are an Islamic extremist, you will be offended. If you are offended by “Islamophobia,” you will be offended. Reader discretion is advised…

The Harper haters I’m talking about are a political left leaning subset with a mind boggling and borderline psychotic loathing for the Prime Minister. It’s not only that they don’t like Harper’s politics, they despise Harper himself on a personal level, though they don’t even know him outside of political affairs. They enjoy overreacting to everything having to do with him, related to politics or not. He’s simply just the man they’ve chosen to love to hate. All over the internet, whether through comments on news sites, their own personal webpages and blogs, or videos on YouTube, you can easily find these victims of mass Harper hating hysteria. Why do they hate Harper so much? Hard to say when it’s impossible to get a coherent answer. It would seem the more benevolent ones use their Harper hatred for social status, to go along with whatever is popular at the moment so they can hang with the “cool kids.” A lot of them simply answer with “we need change,” a slogan the opposition leaders and the media invented and drilled into the heads of anyone who’ll listen. Repeating this statement like a motto eventually became the popular opinion, and formed a collective cult-like hatred for a particular politician. Most of these people have no idea what they’re talking about, they are unable to think or decide for themselves, basically “sheeple” who go along with whatever is told to them instead of doing a little research to get the facts. This is how Harper haters create more Harper haters, and unfortunately, these tactics too often work on the weak-minded. Hopefully the information I provide here will wake up the more sensible individuals so they can break free from the programming of the radical left.

I find the behavior of political extremists, especially the Canadian ones, mostly annoying, but in some ways strangely fascinating. I’ve never seen such irrepressible hostility for any Prime Minister or President, not even President Bush, as these crazy people have for Harper. This condition has been aptly named “Harper Derangement Syndrome.” The symptoms are about the same as many other psychotic disorders… delusions, auditory hallucinations, unable to distinguish fantasy from reality, frequent nonsensical babbling etc… What is it about Stephen Harper that has those on the far left so tightly wound up? When you type Stephen Harper into google, and even when searching for specific information about him, nearly every single result that comes up will be anti-Harper pages and unprofessional journalist articles, while Justin Trudeau’s name brings up sites singing his praises. If you’ve had the misfortune of reading the ramblings of these loons, you’d think they truly believe that Harper is a tyrant who seized control of Canada with his army of “angry old white men” in a bloody battle, instead of a peaceful democratic election.

There’s a well known saying that goes something like “if you’re not a Liberal at 20, you have no heart. If you’re not a Conservative at 40, you have no brain.” Apparently this saying applies to you only if you’re a white male. Far lefty logic surmises that the Conservative voter base is comprised of only angry white men, no women, no non-whites, and no people that can express any other emotion than anger. Of course, there are no angry white men supporting the Liberals and NDP! Such a concept would be ridiculous! Besides this is enough to prove the stereotype about Conservatives, isn’t it? What was this angry white man thinking? Everyone knows that only Liberal and NDP supporters are granted the right of free speech and to burst into angry rants in public.

This man had expressed his frustration with the reporters constantly interrupting Harper’s speeches to ask the same questions over and over about the Mike Duffy trial, and of course the media had to share his outburst with everyone. Afterwards, memes with the man’s picture were plastered all over the internet, proclaiming that this one supporter proved all the rumors true about angry white Conservative men. Of course Justin had to input his opinion with his usual display of butt kissing. Sweet talking the media is how he gets them to ask him only the easy questions, keeping him shining in a good light. The mainstream media outlets are not very subtle about the favouritism for their golden boy. They never hound and attack him like they do Harper. They even take a jab at Mulcair every once in a while.